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Frequently Asked Questions

How to search for an item?

Go to the search bar and type in the item that you wish to search for.

How to report abuse?

Contact us and inform us as to what is going on with your situation

How to post an item?

Simply take a picture and upload and in one sentence describe the item. Think Tweet.

What can you offer on bundlhub?

We allow you to upload any item which is legal that has no expiration date.

What version of iOS and Android does bundlhub work on?

We suggest you have the latest versions of both iOS and Android on your mobile devices. You can also log in at www.bundlhub.com via the web. Yes we are cool like that.

What is the difference between USD and Points?

Points can be purchased with PayPal when you need more Points to make a transaction on bundlhub . 1 USD = 100 Points


Points are rewards you receive for your good actions such as when you invite friends, your random login and your items are Swapped, Bid or when you use Quick to give away items you no longer need or use.

Which countries currently support bundlhub?

Currently bundlhub's full features are available in NY and SF and most cities where Deliv and Uber-Delivery is available. Note: if you don't need a delivery service, you can use it anywhere in the world.

Why can't I input an address outside of the USA?

We are fixing the problem one country at a time. Please drop a note to our co-founder thikshan@bundlhub.com and he will include your zip code and country code in order of priority. In subject state Country Code.