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The Startup Revolution

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Roar Startup Bundle ‒ February 2017
Bundlhub is an interesting take on getting things online. Unlike eBay, for example, where you straight up purchase new or used stuff, Bundlhub is a peer-to-peer exchange platform
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Entrepreneurship is the new way to see the world
(and get sh*t done)
There is no shortage of business accelerators in the world. According to National Business Incubation Association, there are around 1250 of them in the US (as of Oct 2012).
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Startup Spotlight – Sharing Is Now A Disruptive Idea
The used goods market is bigger than most people realise. It’s huge for cars and, until recently, mobile phones. Some companies are already mining sharing’s hidden economic potential
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Bundlhub: Refocusing of the Consumer Mindset
Let’s face it, we all have some item or another that we would love to get rid of. Whether it’s a quick swap with a friend or neighbor, an online sale, or a run to the local pawn shop, we have all experienced this facet of modern life.
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Bundlhub: app of Sri Lankan origin enjoying a global audience
We interviewed Thikshan Arulampalam of Bundlhub to learn of his experience in Sri Lanka. A Sri Lankan now domiciled in New York, USA, Thikshan, a natural born marketer and startup enthusiast set up Bundlhub with Sri lanka based software ace and ideator Rangana Samarasinghe
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Bundlhub: The modern way of swapping and bundling the unused
In the early 1990s, Thikshan Arulampalam was working in the Sri Lankan capital market. Being a person who always wanted to disrupt the norm, Thikshan was getting frustrated with the boredom of becoming another elite executive with a hefty remuneration package.
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Creating a market place: buying and selling off Bundlhub
By signing up on Bundlhub, users are able to buy/sell/swap their way through items of interest. Thanks to Bundlehub’s e-market, de-cluttering your home has never been easier. With just a click of a button, you can organize express shipping to either buy, sell or swap items too.
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Sunday Times
Bundlhub – bundling castoffs into cash

It’s been a few months since your wedding and that steam iron your aunt gave you is still pining away, yet to be used. The used ice cream set that seemed like a great idea at the time when it was a Christmas present by your in-laws has joined the darkest recesses of the pantry cupboard.
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Colombo's startup community
Bundlhub is an app which helps you create value by giving items you no longer need or want to someone else. Have an item you no longer use or need, take a picture and upload it.
OFFER: Receive 200 points for sign up and free shipping / delivery on select items for a selected time. Don't throw it, give it away on
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Listen to the podcast

Rangana Samarasinghe (CTO) and Thikshan Arulampalam (CEO), the Co-founders of a Co-located Startup in NY and Sri Lanka join Enterprise Radio. They are the founders of the social app Bundlhub, an app which helps you create value by giving items you no longer need or use to someone else.